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I'm sure there's quite a few women reading this and rolling their eyes right now. Just hear me out. In my single days, I took great pride in never buying drinks for women, because ultimately I knew it was just a waste of money.

If a woman ever asks you to buy her a drink, there are two correct responses.

What 7 men expect when they buy a woman a drink at the bar

The lucky byproduct is that maybe she'll gets tipsy enough to give you heror best case scenario, a sloppy makeout session in a dark corner. Either way, you're going to end up frustrated and with a dry wallet, because she ain't going home with you.

Buy a woman a drink

In my single days, I took great pride in never buying drinks for women, because ultimately I knew it was just a waste of money. Although we feel a lot more free of pressure and relaxed if you don't offer a drink, we still want the offer, but just so we can reject it. Wouldn't you prefer to know a girl is staying out of genuine interest, not because she feels pressured considering you dropped a fiver on a Mai Tai?

Well, I knew what was happening but I decided to let it play out. Womzn sure there's quite a few wman reading this and rolling their eyes right now.

Buy a woman a drink

Sure enough, five minutes later those same women were out on the floor dancing with two other guys, drinks in hand. We were all talking for about 10 minutes, and the two women said they had to go to the restroom and would be right back. However, if she chooses to stay, despite lack of drink, great ! Simply put, it's an ego boost.

You buying a drink has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not that woman thinks you're attractive. But if there is even a small spark, this move will guarantee a flame. Apathy can be a powerful aphrodisiac. My second point is slightly more complex -- because you x us women are complicated creatures bursting with conflicting desires.

Why waste money on watered down, overpriced drinks just to get a woman's attention? Test out my theory and let me know how it goes; I'm positive the will surprise you. I was quick to reject his offer.

Buy a woman a drink

A word of caution, this only works if Buu is already some level of attraction on her side. If you hold off on the drink, and as a result, she makes a lame excuse to GTFO, well you know for a fact she's not interested.

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If you really want to spend your money that badly, just give it to charity. I just shook my head, but Wokan didn't want to look like a cheap ass so I bought the other woman a drink as well.

I pointed this out to my friend and stated "THAT is why you don't buy females drinks. First, buying a girl a drink instantly turns a genuine interaction between two strangers into a transaction.

Dating for introverts: never buy a woman a drink

We were at a bar for the birthday of a mutual friend. If a woman is truly interested in you, she would be too afraid of asking you something like that because she'd be Buy a woman a drink worried about offending you. She'll say Bu herself, "Well, he likes me enough to have a conversation with me, but not enough to offer me a drink -- WTF!?

I know, we're the worst. Maybe she'll want that sloppy makeout session all on her own. She's only asking because she's done it before, and some guy is always dumb enough to buy her one.

Light banter and flirty eye contact followed for the rest of the night. Maybe both. His charming smile and energy instantly piqued my interest and curiosity.

Why you shouldn't buy girls drinks

A female who does this is NOT interested in you at all. Just hear me out. Despite the ordinary story, he always enjoyed teasing me about it because of the finer details of how it all went down. By taking the time to talk to her, but not being quick to drop a bill, you leave the girl with a huge question mark.

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This was about 15 years ago, and the friend I was with asked these 2 women to sit down at our table. Not very sexy. These women have no intention of giving out their phone or going home with someone. You're probably rolling your eyes so hard right now.

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