Cuckold castration story


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Mostly Femdom 9 stories listed Favorite stories. I look for themes such as submission via lust, rather than force, and lots of dialog. Penalties : by Carmenica Diaz Synopsis: Barry had a secret fantasy that involved prolonged teasing and subsequent denial. He never revealed it to anyone until he saw an advertising leaflet that promoted a tease and denial service. Poor Barry, he just had to call.

From husband to castrated sissy

She lifted my head and gave me a few sips of water. Between the vibrator and Kelli's hand, but also the black man's manipulation with the leather noose, I was half-erect. The other turns her into her toy using the guilt of her masturbating. Synopsis: Two female freshmen roomates Cuckold castration story college.

Cuckold castration story

Along with the massage course, I also took enough cosmetology courses to do some hairstyling at the Cuckold castration story. It was then I knew that she wasn't the least bit regretful of what her boyfriend was doing to me. The story isn't all there, but there's enough for a good tease Date Night : by mwmsissy Synopsis: A mostly true story of how my wife took charge of our life. My wife was fucking another man for a year and a half and I hadn't suspected a thing!

Cuckold castration stories

Unbelievably, I was shivering to another sgory, but this one much weaker than the first, and with hardly any expulsion of cum. Why Kelli, don't you love me?

Cuckold castration story

He'd pushed it back, his feet up. I don't miss the sex so much as I miss the intimacy I used to share with my beautiful wife. Comment: Pleasingly simple.

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That's all there is to him," he laughed. By the time I managed to make sense of what was going on, Kelli had tied my ankles to the Cuckold castration story of the lounge chair. Comment: A young man captured by an older woman, via his lusts, oh Was this some sort of kinky sex game? I was expendable. Carlos wants to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Cuckold castration story

Kelli laid a hand on my arm. Everything sounded like I was underwater. I struggled against my bondage but it was no use. Mostly Femdom 9 stories listed Favorite stories.

Best cuckold castration stories

The latest change—a pair of inch breast implants—were the most successful. I don't have a lot of desires in that department, which I guess is pretty lucky since I don't have much means of satisfying them.

Cuckold castration story

She was looking down at me as she kissed her lover deep and full on the mouth, his hands exploring her ass. The only hope I had to stay with her was to find some innocuous role in her and her new man's life. I Cuckld already half plastered by the time she came down.

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I'd had a while to get used to the idea of being a feminized eunuch by then. Nowadays I'll often do her hair or nails, usually at the salon where I now work part time, but the closest I come to Cuckold castration story physical intimacy is when I'm occasionally asked to give her a totally platonic massage.

I was touched that she'd thought of me. He likes to play around with it while he's fucking me in the boi-pussy, even though I cant really get hard anymore or cum, even with the testosterone pills he sometimes feeds me. My wife was undoing my stkry and pulling them down.

Cuckold castration story

What I do remember is that he slapped me sgory the head with his open palm and Cuckold castration story was all over for me. I was in the basement lying on one of the beach lounge chairs that we put out on the deck in the summer. And I was happy to discover that my wife was right.

You're like I felt a little down, but what was done was done. He was huge and strong, and it couldn't have taken any more than one blow, although I don't even clearly remember that.

Comment: A young man trapped by his lusts. This story will also be published in a collection of short stories at some future time.

One night I took off my panties and found the remains of what used to be my scrotum and testicles at the bottom. It was time to face the facts. I've made up a small room in what used to be a storage area under the stairs.

I was still pretty groggy so it took me a while Cuckold castration story realize that my shirt had also been removed. Wife's friend acquaints her with a website where white husbands serve their wives and castrration lovers and submit to castration. It was no use trying to disguise the fact that I'd been crying. I've gotten to be pretty good at it and I have to admit it does give me a nice sexy feeling to have him shoot his huge load into my mouth and to swallow the same hot cum that he shoots into my wife's cunt.


She just didn't feel castrarion to me anymore, and hadn't for a long time. As I started adopting more and more feminine traits, Carlos stopped seeing me even as a former male, and more like the subordinate femme sissy that I've become. By morning, Carlos examined my ball sac, stood up, and with a self-satisfied smirk Cuckold castration story that it was done: I was officially a eunuch. She giggled when, in spite of myself, I became almost erect.

The vibrator attached to my cock was having its predictable effect.

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