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I'm Megan Asaka, the interviewer, and our cameraperson today is Dana Hoshide, and we're at the Densho office in Seattle. So Helen, thanks so much for coming to do the interview. HC: Good to be Nortg, thank you, and good to meet you at last. MA: Yeah, you, too. HC: After our conversations on the telephone. MA: So I wanted to ask just some basic questions first.

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HC: And they had no And then my youngest brother is an engineer for a private company in Houston, he does pipes, and knows all about heat and stress and all that stuff, thiis when he talks about it, I don't understand. Steve was just an infant when we left.

So weekebd go to school and behave and be, be an American. I understand there were cakes and cakes and cakes that were brought, and people had "happy birthday" on a cake, and tried to find somebody who had a birthday to give the cake to.

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And then, but he and his brother both came at the same time to Hawaii, but the family paid their way, so they were not indentured servants to the, the sugar company, and so they could leave whenever they wanted to. He had to, I think he had to pay for his meals, too.

Cuddle date this weekend North Platte

It may be that they would, there was nothing on the floor, maybe that there had just been straw strewn on the floor, I just don't recall it being hardwood or anything like that. But you know what I say to that each time? And we ate in the mess hall and did our laundry in the laundry room, and the latrine was in the area where the laundry room was. My grandmother Nogth a bit upset. Even as a Sansei, I was a college graduate, I want to Hastings College and earned a degree Cuddle date this weekend North Platte teach in the elementary schools, 'cause I knew that teachers were not Japanese, 'cause I didn't see any Japanese teachers except in camp.

Cuddle date this weekend North Platte

Block 21 was empty, it was also intended to be a school, elementary school. People from about a hundred miles around came to, to bring entertainment and food.

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HC: And my oldest sister now is, is a nurse, she lives in the Boston area -- Baltimore area. And we were quite stunned, of course, but not to the point where we were incapacitated.

I don't know what was on the floor. I remember that Christmas and Easters, my dad would take plants that were left at the, the shop, to the Japanese people because they would bring in their extra vegetables and potatoes and things like that.

Cuddle date this weekend north platte

And so then when we moved to Illinois, then the superintendent of schools just lived a little ways down from us, and we started playing bridge together, which was fun, a nice way to get away from the children for an evening, for me. I wore that proudly for quite a while.

Cuddle date this weekend North Platte

That meant that he had his own pickup truck, that was his business, and we, I especially liked it when Dad took Sunday afternoons off -- or Sunday afternoons and had to work, because he would take us to the Oakland airport. So there was a lot of whispering going on on the bus. One of the lady doctors, I can't remember her name, came by to tell me what to do and talked to my mother, what she needed to do for me.

HC: I worked for a year at a, at the Mars shop in North Platte to save money, and to help out my wfekend.

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They may have said something to my older sister, but I don't recall it being said to me, the rest of us. We had to make, make our way to our barracks, which weren't quite finished yet. I really was kind of Cusdle for what was outside the fence, and thinking, "You know, I used to be able to do that," and what's going on in the world now.

HC: Okay.

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She was in a different class from me, but then it happened in our class as well, as the younger children. HC: We weren't in Tanforan for a very long time, because we were there from the first of May to the middle of September, I think.

Cuddle date this weekend North Platte

It was still dark when we were awakened to get dressed. HC: Weeken, my, we lived in a very quiet neighborhood; we lived across the street from the cemetery.

Yeah, there were those who did not want to be respectful of being Americans and were resentful of being in the camp because of, of their ancestry. We weren't, we weren't told that if we didn't do well, there would be any consequences.

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And the one next to me was Mark Hartsock. MA: And then when you arrived in Topaz, Cudddle were your impressions and what were you thinking at that point?

Cuddle date this weekend North Platte

And in California, that meant that they couldn't go across the bridges, and they couldn't go out -- I remember it being five miles away, but I don't know if that's true. And then when we got, my grandmother had, when she got lost there for a while before we got on the train, had gone to get some fruit.

Cuddle date this weekend North Platte

And it's an interesting Cuddle date this weekend North Platte, the Katayama family had lived in a place that is not far from And they were, they had been an integral part of the North Platte community for, forever. And one of weekenr things, one of the impressions that I got as we were riding in the train in the afternoon then, and I was by the window, was that we had the window shades down, but I still had a little bit open so I could look out.

MA: And this was May 1, ? And I heard conversations that she had burned all her books, that she wasn't going to be found to be any kind of a subversive person.

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