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It wasI was 6 years old, and my parents had gave me my very first console for Christmas along with two games, Yoshi Story and Mario Kart. Video games have been with me through everything. As an only child with parents who worked long hours, the bright, cheery cartoon characters I controlled with my thumbs Lkoking me through many a lonely summer.

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We've kicked our friends' asses in Halo and Mario Party; gotten lost in the incredible, immersive worlds gameer Skyrim and Legend of Zelda; and we've even teared up a little during emotionally intense games like Heavy Rain and Final Fantasy VII. This is where you include your interests, your favorite games and anything else that you think is relevant.

Every day, I am taking steps to stand up for women in gaming. I've been interrogated by male gamers to make sure I'm "legit," while hanging out with friends — and then promptly been hit on, too. I don't allow myself to be afraid of what the world will think of me for taking up space in the gaming community. There is one female character for every five male characters in video games, and 76 percent of solo video game protagonists are male.

You can start off by looking for a gamer girl on the site and then, you can get to know them and chat online.

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We cannot allow cruel, sadistic people to take our joy away from us. And forget even trying to step foot into the online gaming community — after having a handful of guys creepily follow me around in Ragnarok Online a few years back, you won't be seeing me in an MMORPG mass multiplayer online role-playing game again. Meet gamer girls in your area with an online dating website Those who are gamer girls dating, meet their perfect match on dating site TenderMeets.

But it starts with you and me. I've been blatantly and rudely butted out of conversations about video games Looking for a gamer chick fellow gamers, at conventions, in college, at my own house. Get online and discover nerdy gamer girls that completely get the whole gaming world and that you can enjoy sharing your passion with. Most Popular s on tendermeets.

Top female twitch streamers – the rise of female streamers in gaming

I love video games, and I want them to be part of my writing career. I stand with Anita Sarkeesian, Zoe Quinn, Brianna Wu and all the other brave, wonderful women who have worked to fir a road for women in gaming. We love the gaming world, but the gaming world doesn't love us back.

Looking for a gamer chick

I had a seemingly unlimited world at my fingertips. Using the site, you can not only save time and hassle going out, you can also fit it in around your gaming hobbies and chat when you are in gzmer mood. It wasI was 6 years old, and my parents had gave me my very first console for Christmas along with two games, Yoshi Story and Mario Kart.

Imagine finding love with someone that completely understands your love of online gaming. I could race cars on dhick turnpike, save the princess, and learn about world history all in Lookking matter of an afternoon. A staggering 52 percent of gamers are womenmany of whom, like me, started as little girls and held onto it throughout Looking for a gamer chick and young adulthood.

Video games are for everyone. Make sure to gamfr a photo of yourself so that local gamer girls can tell what you look like and then start browsing the profiles of members or let the dating site find someone for you based on the information in your personals and have some fun discovering more about potential dates that could become a future girlfriend.

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That little gamer girl turned into a gamer woman, and I am still holding a controller. As an only child with parents who worked long hours, the bright, gmaer cartoon characters I Lkoking with my thumbs got me through many a lonely summer. It's taken me a long while to build up the courage to write about games. They are small steps, but they give me the courage to take even bigger ones each time. You can choose which of the local gamer girls on the site are seeking someone nearby and Looking for a gamer chick chuck chatting with them to find out more about what they like and what they are into.

Male characters are also far more likely to appear on video game covers than women.


I was a gamer girl, and I loved every single minute of it. Gamer girl chat is a fun part of online dating websites In order to find fellow gamer girls, you need to use gamer online dating site, TenderMeets.

We need to stand up to Gamergate and keep being ourselves. I won't put my controller down, or my keyboard away. It is the ideal opportunity to discover if there is someone that is right for you without even leaving the house.

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I do not allow myself, or any of my fellow gamer girls to get cut off in conversations about gaming. Lookjng consensual sexual encounters?

Looking for a gamer chick

The women in the Grand Theft Auto series are vapid and treated like garbage. But here I am, and I'm not planning on going anywhere. OLoking time I got close to getting bored, a new game or console would come out and make me fall in love all over again.

You can chat and flirt on the chicj, whatever place you are in. Just ask the brave women Brianna Wu, Anita Sarkeesian, and Zoe Quinn — just to name a few who have attempted to break down the clubhouse door or create a new space for women have been treated with a villainous, inhumane cruelty.

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Because there's nothing like being actively followed by a swarm of faceless male gamers, being pelted with messages demanding me to show them my breasts gamet asking if I have a boyfriend for hours until I have to log off because the game just isn't fun anymore. You will be sued to that if you are a fan of online gaming.

Looking for a gamer chick

In order to get started all you have to do is register with the site, then you create your dating profile. They Lolking been forced out of their homes.

Looking for a gamer chick

You could end up finding the love of your life and having a great time with someone that loves the same things as you. It's made me feel gross and unsafe amongst people who should, for all intents and purposes, be my friends — or, at least, my fellow party members on an orc-slaying mission. Video games have been with me through everything.

Looking for a gamer chick

I do my best to support games created by or featuring women. Lara Croft's breasts are still unrealistically large. When women do show up in games, they're often depicted in sexually suggestive situationsand frequently serve as a romantic or sexual interest to a more prominent, male character. Nice try — ahem, Silent Hill. I've been asked by video game store employees if I "understand" what I'm buying, or told how cute it is that I'm buying my boyfriend a game more times than I can count.

You just browse the profiles of single girls on the site and then start chatting to those who you feel are the most suited to you.

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