Married but looking in Stockton AL


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He is a thin little old man with patches of white wool here and there on his bald head, and an expression of kindness and gentleness on his wrinkled old face. As I went cautiously up the steps, which appeared none too safe, his cane which had been leaning against his chair, fell to the floor with a clatter. He awoke with a start and began fumbling around for it with his trembling and bony hands. I always is been puny, but I reckon I does purty well considerin' Married but looking in Stockton AL is a hundred Stockkton old. Without hesitation he answered, "I knows I's dat old 'cause my mistis put it down in de Stockkton. I was born on de fourth day and I Sockton a full growed man when de war come on in '

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I drop dat little lookinb 'caze I knowed dat was his mammy an' she was ravin' mad. Us did'n' know nothin' but good times den. I was a good lookin' yaller gal in dem days and rid free wherever I wanted to go.

I jes' wish I Maeried tell dese young chillun how to do. Hits de things what happen in dese days dat's so easy for me to disremember. Bring dat bucket!

Dat's how come I live so long. I kinda snuck my eye aroun' an' I saw big Pooking havin' it out wid her. I was expectin' her to chaw me up an' I drawed my body up in a knot and kivered my haid wid my hands an' waited.

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Dey did'n' have a thing to do. Why, w'en my house burnt up, de white folks helped me so dat in no time you couldn't tell I ebber los' a thing. When his son, young Jim, ma'ied, old Marse Jim bur me to him and he fetched me to Perry county. When we walked into de big house to git some Msrried an' medicine for our hurts, Mistis was a-standin' dere, and when she seed me an' Jim, she almost faint.

Married but looking in Stockton AL

Iffen dey would only suffer me to talk buy dem, I'd tell dem to be more 'spectful to dere mammies and to dere white folks and say 'yes mam' and 'no mam', instid of 'yes' and 'no' lek dey do now. Lincoln done said we was free, but us lil' niggers was too skeered to lissen to any ban' music, even iffen the so'jers had come to set us free.

Married but looking in Stockton AL

lookinh Another nigger went wid me, and he clumb de tree to shake de 'simmons down whilst I be pickin' 'em up. I jes' drap my ax right dar, an' me and dat houn' dog tore out for home lickety split. But he got killed down on de bank of de creek one night.

When he do I can't keep my mind on my business. He give me a slap wid his paw an' I goes down wid my mouf a-scoopin' up de dus'. De spring run down between some willow trees an' it was powerful cool Mraried dere in de shade.

Married but looking in Stockton AL

I kin remember de days w'en Stocktin was one of de house servants. I remembers dat I ma'ied in a striped calico dress. Her voice is soft and each phrase measured to the slow functionings of her aged mind. Front married couples with bisexual partners of the meeting place swinger club el paso texas ladies.

Married but looking in Stockton AL

We had plenty som'n t'eat, but dem slaves hadda work powerful hard though. Married but looking in Stockton AL enjoying a little misery now; so I's takin' my rest. He was bleedin' from haid to foot. In his seventy years of hard work he saved enough to buy his home and some property which maintains him and his wife since age and infirmity forced him to turn over the work to his son.

Mammy would rake all de ashes out de fiahplace, den kivver de cake wid de hot ashes an' let it cool till it was done. I neber had seen a show in my whole life 'tell jes' dis pas' yeah when one of dem carnival things wid de swings, and lights, and all de doin's dey have stop right in front of our house heah. My back felt like somebody done put a hot iron on it. It was 'bout sundown, and every time my ax go 'whack' on de lightwood knot, I hear another whack 'sides mine.

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His plantation was 'bout sixteen miles north of Marion in Bibb county. We had de bes' treatment ever. I allus treat ebrybody as good as I kin, and I uses my manners as good as I knows how, and de Lawd sho' has took good keer of me. Den two years atter de surrender I took consideration and j'ined up wid de Lawd. Twarn't hard.

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I shake my haid, an' look about me, an' my eyes came to res' on a little black bear cub a-drinkin' outen de spring. Dat bear was a mean one. He must have weighed as much as half a bale of cotton. Well, suh, dat ole woman she got so mad she made fo' me lak two bolts of lightnin', but dese here feets of mine begin a-doin' dere stuff. lookjng

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My job was lookin' atter de corner table whar nothin' but de desserts set. My pappy's name was Tobe Cato an' my mammy's was Sophia. When I let de little feller fall it must have hurt him somp'n awful caze he howl Mraried dan eber, an' went a limpin' up to his mammy. But he didn't care much 'bout me 'caze I was puny like and warn't much 'count in de field.

They ain't so much sence all dese here automobiles done got so plentiful and might 'nigh ruint de business.

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You is all outen breath. Without hesitation he answered, "I knows I's dat old 'cause my mistis put it down in de Bible.

I was jus' 'bout gittin' to de aidge of de cawn when dat bear ketched me. Dey was made outen meal, water and a little pinch of lard; on Sundays dey was made outen flour, buttermilk an' lard.

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