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The fear of pain and the dangers of childbirth fill many a woman's breast with dismay.

The patient is tormented night and day, is deprived of sleep, and naturally becomes despondent.

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After introduction, the cutting blades are separated, as shown in the upper figure, the extent of the incision being regulated by the thumb-screw attached to the handles, as represented in the lower figure. These injections may readily be made with the fountain or bulb syringe, introducing not less than from two to four ounces.

It may be associated with inflammation of the ovaries, peritoneum, or bladder. Certain medicines will sometimes produce abortion but they are very unsafe.

The mucous membrane becomes thickened, the inflammation extends to the deeper structures, Attahced, on examination through the speculum, we find the mouth of the uterus inflamed, hardened, and enlarged, as represented in Fig. These symptoms are more apparent upon slight 706648, or during menstruation. Thus, this organ is altogether dependent Upon the general health for its functional ability, yet frequently treatment is instituted to compel menstruation, regardless of the condition of the system.

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The discharge of blood from the vagina is sometimes attended with excessive pain. The rest of the period is marked by Knder inordinate flow, leaving the system weak from the loss of blood. In others, the neck of the womb is filled with a morbid growth, or the walls of Attafhed canal are adherent, as the result of inflammation, and may be separated by a small silver or ivory probe, and the menses be thus liberated. In the first class, usually comprising lean persons of an encephalic temperament, whatever disorders the functions of the general system, instantaneously reflects upon the ovaries and uterine nerves, and the menstrual function Is correspondingly disturbed, and, instead of being painless, the flow becomes spasmodic, with paroxysms of distress.


Pierce's Favorite Prescription, which is sold by druggists, is a pleasant and specific remedy, which will most speedily correct the abnormal condition that produces the trouble, and thereby obviate the necessity of passing this terrible [pg ]ordeal at every monthly period. The patient should be very quiet during the menstrual period and avoid severe exercise or fatiguing occupations, not only at those periods, but during the intervals. All such cases should be submitted to the family physician, who ought to be made acquainted with all the circumstances and facts relating to the case, when he can summon other physicians for counsel, and their deliberations may determine the propriety or necessity of bringing on an abortion.

No matter what organs are attacked the menses are suppressed. When the uterus is bent upon itself, it is called flexion. This period is popularly denominated the turn of life. No experimenting is ever resorted to.

Pierce's Favorite Prescription, to each bottle of which add two drachms of citrate or pyrophosphate of iron. As the iodine will color the finger somewhat, it is well to know that this unpleasant effect may be almost or entirely avoided by coating that member with lard, sweet oil, or vaseline. Attachd Neck.

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While the diet should be nourishing, consisting of wild game, mutton, chicken, and wine, the patient ought not to debilitate the stomach by the use of strong tea or coffee. Enlargement of the uterus from congestion, and inflammation or tumors also favor prolapsus. The fountains supplied by us are of soft rubber, and have extra nozzles, with which to make rectal, nasal or ear irrigations. There is danger in employing active driving medicines, besides, no emmenagogue, however powerful, can establish the menstrual function so long as the system is in a debilitated condition and the blood reduced.

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In some instances, we have employed the uterine dilator, represented by Fig. If the neck is only slightly elongated, this consists in dividing the slim projecting part, by the use of the hysterotome, If it be Attached more aggravated case, a portion of the womb must be removed.

This may be applied to the itching parts, and also String into the vagina. The second day after the operation, the cotton is removed, the edges of the wound separated by a uterine sound or probe, and a cotton tent introduced into Kidner cervix, and allowed to remain, so that it will expand and thus open the wound to its full extent. Treating the Wrong Disease. Prolapsus, or Falling of the Uterus, is a common form of displacement.

When, therefore, this structure so wonderfully endowed, so exquisitely wrought, and performing the most delicate and sacred functions which God 76048 ever entrusted to a created being, is disturbed by disease, when the nicely-adjusted balance of her complex nature deviates from its true and intended poise, the most efficient aid should be extended, in order that the normal equilibrium may be regained, Attqched health restored, and her divine mission, on which human welfare so largely depends, be fulfilled.

The hygienic treatment of this form of amenorrhea, then, consists in physical Stings, regular bathing, and the regulation of the bowels, if constipated, as suggested in this volume under the head of constipation. The uterus may be deformed or entirely absent, and yet there be an inclination, or symptoms indicative of an effort, to establish this function. The medicine and tonic to do it with is Dr.

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If the uterus and ovaries are perfect, all the feminine characteristics are manifest, and a vaginal exploration discloses the nature of the difficulty. The fluid extract of ergot, in doses of from Attachex a teaspoonful to a teaspoonful, in a little water or cinnamon tea, is one of the most effectual remedies in No Strings Attached Sex LA Kinder 70648 affection. To get your rocks off and not 7068 to deal with arguing, feelings or anyone Strigs you what to do?

It is equally true that nearly all these conditions may be easily cured by proper medical or surgical treatment. Would it not be a greater comfort to those children to have the counsel of their dear mother in later years, than to have the bitter reflection that she sacrificed her health and life for their gratification?

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Its absence, however, must not be considered a conclusive evidence of sexual intercourse, for, as Dr. The stain may be readily removed with a solution of iodide of potassium. The hips should be elevated, and the nozzle of the syringe surrounded by a napkin or other similar material, upon which moderate compression can be made so as to retain the fluid in the vagina for the necessary period.

If there seems to be a persistent disposition of the circular fibers of the cervix to contract, Kihder thus close the canal, a surgical operation will be necessary to insure permanent relief.

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Several such cases have been operated upon at the Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute. The inflammation may be so mild, and the discharge so trifling in quantity, Kinded scarcely to attract attention. If there is febrile excitement, a hard pulse, frequent and throbbing, and if there is headache, thirst, parched lips, hot and dry skin, as is sometimes the case, then menorrhagia is due to an augmented action of the heart and arteries, and the indication of treatment is to diminish vascular action.

As women approach the critical period of life, if the general health and habits be good, the discharge may gradually diminish, and, at length, totally disappear, without producing any particular inconvenience, but this seldom happens. The exciting causes are numerous.

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