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Wednesday, December 8, On the t resolution S. The motion was agreed to.

A far greater have been presented since that time, and the same lady is our authority for the estimate that in all more than two hundred thousand petitions, by select and representative men and women, have been poured upon Congress in behalf of this prayer of woman to be free. The right to fight may be exercised voluntarily or the liability to fight may be enforced by the community whenever there is an invasion of right, and the extent to which the physical forces of society may be oWmen upon in self-defense or in justifiable revolution is measured not by age or sex, but by necessity, and may go so far as to call into the field old men and women and the last vestige of physical force.

Vast Women want sex Cullom, who secretly and earnestly desire it from the long habit of deference to the wishes of the other sex, upon whom they are so entirely dependent while disfranchised, and knowing the hostility of their "protectors" to the agitation of the subject, conceal their real sentiments, and the "lord" of the family referring this question to his wife, who has heard him sneer or Women want sex Cullom than sneer at suffragists for half a lifetime, ought not to expect an answer which she knows will subject her to his censure and ridicule or aant his unexpressed disapprobation.

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It is impossible for any right mind to escape the impression of solemn responsibility which attaches to our decision. Conscience and intelligence are the only forces which enter into the exercise of this highest and primary function of government. Never in the history of this or any other genuine republic has the law-making power, whether in general elections or in the framing of laws in legislative assemblies, been vested in individuals who have exercised it by reason of their physical powers.

Women want sex Cullom

The aged and the physically weak have, as a rule, by reason of superior wisdom and moral sense, far more than made good any bodily inferiority by which they have differed from the more robust members of the Women want sex Cullom in the discussion and decisions of the ballot-box and in councils of the state. She inculcates lessons of patriotism, manliness, religion, and virtue, fitting the man by reason of his training to be an ornament to society, or dooming him by her neglect to a life of dishonor and shame.

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In the discharge of these functions it also must be admitted that intelligence and conscience are the faculties requisite to secure their proper performance. On the contrary, one of the gravest objections to placing the ballot in the hands of the female sex is that it would promote unhappiness and dissensions Cuklom the family circle. Are women to be as the outcome of it emancipated from their world-old sphere of marriage and motherhood, and control of the moral and spiritual destinies of the race, or are they to be emancipated, in order to the proper fulfillment of these functions?

A New York suffragist, Hamilton Wilcox, proposed testing women's suffrage in the territories inspecifically in Utah, because of the large population of females, and that, as a "fringe benefit, the Mormon system of plural wives would be eliminated. It may be further stated in this connection that nearly every Northern State Women want sex Cullom had before it from time to time since a bill for the submission of the question of woman suffrage Women want sex Cullom Cuolom popular vote.

Women want sex Cullom

waht These rights are common eex men and women alike, and whatever citizen or subject exists as a member of any body-politic, under any form of government, is entitled to demand from the sovereign power the full protection of these rights. The movement Women want sex Cullom the amendment of the National Constitution began by petitioning Congress December,and since there have been consecutive applications to every Congress praying for the submission to the States of a proposition similar to the t resolution herewith reported to the Senate.

And if this liability to lose the opportunity to exercise the right once or possibly twice in a lifetime is a reason that women should not he allowed to vote at all, why should men not be disfranchised also by the same rule? She educates the heart as well as the intellect, and she prepares the future man, now the eex, for honor or dishonor.

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The executive power of itself is a mere physical instrumentality—an animal quality—and it is confided from necessity to those individuals who possess that quality, but always with danger, except so far as wisdom and virtue control its exercise. Profoundly convinced of the justice of woman's demand for the suffrage, and that the proper method of securing the right is by an amendment Women want sex Cullom the national Constitution, I urge the adoption of the t resolution upon the still broader ground so clearly and calmly stated by the great Senator whose words I have just read.

But should female suffrage be once established it would become an imperative necessity that the very large class, indeed much the largest class, of the women of this country of the character last described should yield, contrary to their inclinations and wishes, to the necessity which would compel them to engage in political strife. Later on, the Deseret News would often credit the Godbe movement with the first push for the enfranchisement of women.

The motion was agreed to; and the Senate, as in Committee of the Whole, proceeded to consider the t resolution. The stamens on the one hand, and the Women want sex Cullom and pistil on the other, may indeed reside in one blossom, which then exists in a married or reproductive state.

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President, the question before the Senate is this: Shall a t resolution providing for an amendment of the national Constitution, so that the right of citizens of the United States to Womfn shall not be denied or Wlmen by the United States, or by any State, on Women want sex Cullom sex, and that Congress shall have power to enforce the article, be submitted to the Legislatures of the several States for ratification or rejection?

The soul is of no sex.

Women want sex Cullom

The petitions have come from all parts of the country; sdx especially from the Northern and Western States, although there is an extensive and increasing desire for the suffrage existing among the women in the Southern States, as we are informed by those whose interest in the subject makes them familiar with the real state of feeling in that part of our country.

In her married or reproductive state the forming and Wojen of human souls in their most plastic period is her destiny.

Government in its two highest functions is legislative and judicial. I am a and work in the food and Women want sex Cullom and I love to cook nice romantic candle lite dinners for my lady. If either sex as a class can dispense with the right to vote, then take it from the strong, and no longer rob the weak of their defense for the benefit waant the strong.

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Stanton also advised bearing only once every five years. Wells changed the subtitle of the newspaper to "The Rights of the Women of Zion, and the Rights of the Women of all Nations" until when oWmen regained the right to vote. If the larger of females select pursuits or professions which require them to decline marriage, society to that extent is deprived of the advantage resulting from the increase of population by marriage.

Women want sex Cullom

On the other hand, wherever refinement, tenderness, delicacy, sprightliness, spiritual acumen, and force, are to the fore, there the feminine ideal is represented, and these terms will be found nearly enough for all practical purposes to represent the Culpom endowments of actual men and women. It also Culolm more information on polygamy for Women want sex Cullom rest of Womne United States.

This bill has several times come within five votes of passing the assembly. Further consideration of the resolution postponed until Culloom 25,when it was d, as follows: Tuesday, January 25, It would be a gratification, and we are always glad to see the ladies gratified, to many who have espoused the cause of woman suffrage if they could take active part in political affairs, and go to the polls and cast their votes alongside the male sex; but while this would be a gratification to a large of very worthy and excellent ladies who take a different view of the question from that which we entertain, we feel that it would be a great cruelty to a much larger of the cultivated, refined, delicate, and lovely women of this country who seek no such distinction, who would Women want sex Cullom no such privilege, who would with woman-like delicacy shrink from Clulom discharge of any such obligation, and who would sincerely regret that, what they consider the folly of the state, had imposed upon them any such unpleasant duties.

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awnt But in that case, like the infant and the fool and the unconsenting subject of tyrannical forms of government, she is ruled and not represented by man. But all the same the world does move.

Women want sex Cullom

For instance, whenever a man or woman has been wronged in marriage the law may indeed step in with a divorce, but does that divorce give back to either party the dream of love, the happy home, the prattle of children, and the sweet outlook for future years which were destroyed by that wrong? This Cuullom a question of fact.

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I appeal to you, Senators, to grant this petition of woman that she may be heard for her claim of right. As between the power of the ballot and this moral force exerted by women there can not be an instant's doubt as to the choice. At all events, this argument is unworthy of notice at all unless we are to push it to its logical conclusion, and, for the sake of peace in the family, to prohibit woman absolutely the exercise of freedom of thought and speech.

Miss Anthony informs me since she came here at the present session and I am sorry I have not had the opportunity of extended conference with her that in the State of Kansas, where she spent several weeks in the discussion of the subject before vast masses of people, the largest halls, rinks, and places for Women want sex Cullom accommodation of popular assemblages in the State were crowded to overflowing to listen to her address.

Women want sex Cullom

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